World War II era 82 nd Airborne Full Uniform and Lighter


This is a World War II era 82nd Airborne Full Uniform along with a lighter. The uniform jacket itself is in wonderful condition with little to no signs of age or moth marks. The paratrooper badge as well as the red backing and cords are all present, and the same style badge is present on the dress shirt as well. Both are a size 32, and the dress pants included are about a size 30 by 31. The dress hat is in good shape as well, and the inside rim has the soldier’s name and some information: “S. Myzer, 25 C 32716.” The lighter has the emblem of the 82nd airborne attached to its side, and the internal components show significant wear and use. Overall, this is an incredible piece, and it would be difficult to find a better example of this uniform.