Smith & Jackson Military Antiques and Firearms

What We Buy

We buy, sell and trade military items, including firearms, from the Revolutionary War, War of 1812, Mexican War, Civil War, Spanish-American War, World War I, World War II, the Korean War, the Vietnam War, etc. We also take items on consignment (15% fee).

Regarding firearms, we try to focus on those from World War II or before. You can have any antique or modern New Jersey-legal firearm that you may have purchased, inherited, or were given shipped to our shop from any state ($30 fee). Please note that we can order any New Jersey-legal firearm you’re seeking, and often can match or beat the price of other firearm dealers.

For firearm transfers, we charge $30.00 plus $15.00 for a required background check (NICS) for long guns and $16.00 for handguns, plus New Jersey sales tax (currently 3.3125%). 

Note that we can legally purchase registered and unregistered firearms (a valid ID is required, preferably a driver’s license with photo, but other valid IDs can be accepted). All firearms that we purchase are logged into our Federal Firearms logbook and once logged in, become a totally legal transfer. Many people fear that if they have an unregistered firearm or do not posses a Firearms ID card, that they cannot legally sell it, which is untrue. Many people inherit unregistered firearms or have had them for decades, but they have nothing to fear if they do the following:

– Transport their firearm(s) to our shop in a gun case or wrap them in a cloth, blanket, etc.

– Place the firearm(s) in your trunk or hatchback. If you’re familiar with firearms, make sure they are unloaded. If you’re not familiar with firearms,  we will check them when you bring them in.

– We offer good money for firearms and military items. The proof is that we purchase 95%+ of the items that are brought into our shop. If you choose, get an offer for your items first and in most cases, we’ll top it.

Like his father, Mickey, Barry is a serious and avid collector of World War II American, German, and Japanese items. Barry documents all significant military items he acquires and has a strong background in researching and documenting such items. He has been contacted by film producers, historians, private collectors, militaria dealers, etc., who have praised him for his research. He speaks German and since the 1980s, has done translations for numerous collectors, dealers, and historians.