World War II era Japanese 25 mm Anti-Aircraft Gun Sight


This is a World War II era Japanese 25 mm Anti-Aircraft set of gun optics. These optics are in good condition overall, and one of the two is near mint. The sights are marked “Toko, 3.5 x 20* No. 2749 (_)” (with the blank mark being a Japanese series of characters). The excellent condition optic has the original eye piece, the internal reticle still functions, although the image produced by the sight is dirty and a bit dark. The other sight is in rough condition with the adjustment knob loose, the glass is missing and the sight is worn and scratched, and the refraction portion is missing as well. However, the piece can still be easily restored and the original case is structurally sound. The case is in good condition, and the placard is still pristine and easily readable.