World War I era Imperial German Seal


This is a World War I era German Imperial Seal. This seal is marked as having been made by, “Louis Kase, Stempelfabrik,” and the base reads “Koniglich Preussische, Kassenverwalt, D. Birg, Ers. Bataill. Nr. 5.” In English, this reads, “Royal Prussian, Cash Management, D. Birg, Ers. Bataill. No. 5.” The wood of the handle is well-worn from substantial use, and the small pin – plaque with the maker’s mark is slightly loose. However, the face of the seal is in pristine condition, and all of the original letters and details can be clearly and easily seen. One of the more interesting details, there is a wear mark where the original user’s thumb had been placed over the many times this item was used.