German Saxon Infantry 1845 Short Sword Faschinenmesser


This is a German Saxon Infantry Faschinenmesser Model of 1845 short sword. This fascine knife was issued to Saxon infantry regiments for use in both close quarters battle and as a general-purpose knife. It was often used for cutting brush to make fascines and gabions – hence its name. The ribbed brass hilt has a flat crosspiece, curving slightly towards the ends. Towards the top of the hilt are the letters “E.F.” On one side of the base of the blade are stamped the letters “H.Z.” The brass mounted leather scabbard is in good condition with the stitching intact and strong, but there are scuffs and other age and use related marks. The blade is in good condition with signs of dust, dirt, and age present. Additionally, the end of the blade is twisted slightly towards the left when held straight. Overall, this rare piece is in good condition and would make a fine addition to any collector’s collection.

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