World War II U.S. Army M1 Garand or M1903 Springfield Ammo Belt (O.D. Green)


This is a World War II era M1 Garand or M1903 Springfield ammo belt in an O.D. Green color. This ammo belt is designed to hold ten eight-round En Blocs or an equal number of five-round stripper clips. This belt is capable of having other “mil-spec” items attached via the grommets running along the top and bottom. Additionally, stamped on the back of this belt in large faded print are the words “D.M. SHOE CO., 1943.” This belt is inĀ  good condition and shows only small staining from wear here and there, some frayed pieces of strings, and a few patches of rust and age on the metal pieces. There is also a tear on the back of one of the belt loops.