K98 Mauser Dress Bayonet


This is a World War II German K-98 Mauser dress bayonet. Manufactured by the Weyersberg, Kirschbaum, and Cie (or “W.F.C.,” also known by their modern title of “WKC Stahl- und Metallwarenfabrik”), this dress bayonet is in overall good condition. The guard and pommel have bright plated surfaces with little to no signs of wear and only the slightest scuffs from use. The black checkered Bakelite grip plates are retained by two domed rivets on each side, and the plates are free of chips or cracks. The bayonet’s scabbard retains most of its original finish with some signs of wear present here and there from where the original sword frog rubbed against the paint as well as some rust marks. The bayonet, however, does not come with the original sword frog. The blade of the bayonet itself is completely straight and shows no signs of use and one or two very small age marks towards the guard.