Argentine Bayonet for M1891 Mauser


This is an Argentine Bayonet for a Mauser M1891. This bayonet is in very good condition with only a few marks and minor flaws. The blade of the bayonet shows almost no signs of chipping or use down its length, but there is a scuff / scrape mark at the very base of the blade which appears to have worn away the designation of the blade. Below this mark, a series of characters stamped as “R4068” are visible. The makers of “Weyersberg, Kirscheaum & Co., Solingen” are inscribed on the other side of the blade. The guard and grip show some signs of rust and patina, but are overall in good condition. Additionally, the scabbard of the bayonet shows a few spots of rust here and there, but is overall intact. The characters “R4068” are also stamped on the scabbard indicating that it’s original to the bayonet itself.


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