Model 1860 Staff and Field Officer’s Sword with Scabbard


This is a Model 1860 Staff and Field officer’s sword with its original scabbard. This primarily ceremonial weapon was manufactured sometime after the Civil War (between 1871-1890) by the K. H. McKenney Company based out of New York City. The sword has a straight, double-edged steel blade approximately 29 and 1/2 inches in length with a diamond-shaped cross section. The grip is wrapped in shark’s skin with a brass double-twisted wire wound around it. The decorations of the pommel’s cap features an eagle as well as six American flags. Additionally, the pommel and knuckle-bow are slightly loose on the grip. The steel scabbard has a dark gray and brown patina on it and is adorned with two brass mounts and a brass drag. The sword mounts and drag are tight to the scabbard.